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Flyboarding here in San Diego is something we highly recommend trying, or at least watching! We were so amped to work on this project because it involved being outdoors, water and backflips. Seriously there wasn’t anything we didn’t enjoy about working on this. Chris and Brian at Fly Guys know what they’re doing when it comes to all things flyboarding and we had a great time working with them!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to fly, book a session with Chris and Brian!

We captured this film with a GoPro on Mike in the water and with Sofia cruising around in a dinghy filming with a Canon T5i. It was awesome to film and we can’t wait to work on another project like this one.

If you have something you want filmed that involves anything outdoors please contact us, we love working outside!


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order to learn how to do it.” - Pablo Picasso___ ____Studying in both Stockholm and London has given me the passion and knowledge for great films, but also an appreciation for all the different avenues where inspiration can be found. I believe that there are great stories everywhere, they just need to be told.

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